Rapid Response offers cutting-edge medical transportation services concentrating on state of the art medical equipment and the highest trained, best experienced Paramedics and EMS personnel in the industry.

Our Critical Care Units are all staffed by a minimum of two (2) Paramedics, with at least one (1) being trained as a CCEMT-P. Critical Care Transport units are immediately available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to provide transportation of patients who require specialized monitoring of IV medication drips, blood infusions, ventilators including CPAP and BIPAP, balloon pumps, severe multi system traumas and more. Our Critical Care Team will respond to your facility in a unit specifically equipped with all the appropriate supplies and equipment for the appropriate level of service.

  • A.L.S., Emergent and Non-Emergent. ALS service provides patients in emergency and non-emergency situations with advanced care above the Basic Life Support scope of practice. Patients requiring IV and medication therapy, advanced airway management, EKG monitoring and treatment, and ACLS, can utilize this service level 24-hours a day, 365 days a year for inter-facility transfers or emergency response.
  • B.L.S., Emergent and Non-Emergent. Provides non-emergent and emergent transportation services to persons who are stretcher bound. BLS ambulances are staffed with two (2) EMT technicians who are licensed by the State of Michigan and are able to provide: airway management, BVM ventilation, oxygen therapy, CPR, splinting, spinal immobilization, control of bleeding, maintenance of plain iv fluids, and dialysis transportations.

Our Pediatric Care Unit is unique and one of a kind. With an onboard Play Station 2 and DVD player our Medics are able to transport pediatric patients like no other ambulance transportation company. Many pediatric patients are not critically ill and just need pediatric specialized doctors. These patients are able to watch a DVD or if they chose play a video game while being transported. This has been well received by parents and patients. This allows the child to take their mind off their condition while being transported to their destination.

DVD Instructional Video:

Rapid Response ambulances are equipped with DVD players that allow paramedics to play specialized procedure videos that prepare the patient (at their request) of the procedure they will be having. Examples of these videos are catheterization procedures, angioplasty and open heart surgeries. This gives the patient an idea of how and what health care professionals will be doing. We have found great success and thankfulness in this procedure.

N.E.V. Wheelchair Transportation service is offered to facilities by special agreements. This service is also known as non-emergent alternative transport. We provide newer full sized wheelchair vans with polite, friendly, well-groomed, CPR qualified Professional Vehicle Operators.


Rapid Response EMS is active in the cities we service. Our involvement includes: health fairs, CPR classes, career days, and preschool presentations just to name a few. Rapid Response EMS also provides special event ambulance coverage when requested. Our standbys have included various disaster drills, Fire Services Day, high school football games, movie productions, and large fundraising events. Ambulances and crew members stage on site and are ready to respond to any medical emergency or injured patient.


Play Station 2 is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.


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